About Vertex Standard

At Vertex Standard, we challenge ourselves to find a better way to build two-way radios that do more for less to effectively meet the needs of our customers around the world. Vertex Standard radios are Japanese designed and engineered to exacting standards. Known for compact, reliable, full-featured radios that are built to last, customers using Vertex Standard radios immediately recognize the quality and value they get for their money. Our radios are used extensively in a variety of industries including: public safety, fire, government, education, construction, hospitality, security, utilities, prisons, transportation, retail, manufacturing, tourism and more.

Customer Promise

Our number one goal is achieving superior satisfaction by delivering products and service that exceed expectations. Count on Vertex Standard for radios that are built to last, delivering value without sacrificing quality so you connect without compromise.

  • 1956

    General Television Service Co., Ltd. founded in Ota-ku Tokyo, Japan
    Introduced amateur radios with improved signal strength and voice transmission

  • 1964

    Changed company name to Yaesu Musen Co., Ltd.

  • 1970

    Introduced the first solid state all-mode single unit HF station, FT-101

  • 1998

    Established Standard Co., Ltd. the Japanese sales company

  • 2005

    Introduced P25 interoperable mobile radio, VX-7100/VX-7200

  • 2008

    Joined DMR Association as a Category 1 Member

  • 2012

    Changed company name to Vertex Standard LMR, Inc.

  • 2015

    Introduced the eVerge™ EVX-Link IP Connect System
    Introduced the popular VX-260 Analog portable Radio
    Introduce the Universal (UNI) Charging System

  • 1962

    Introduced HF Single Side Band Transmitter


  • 1966

    Introduced first Japanese transceiver, FT-100


  • 1995

    Introduced Vertex Land Mobile Radio brand in the USA


  • 2000

    Changed name to Vertex Standard Co., Ltd.


  • 2006

    Introduced P25 Portable Radio Series, VX-P920
    Introduced the smallest submersible P25 radio, VX-P820
    Introduced compact, full featured mobile radios, VX-2100/VX-2200


  • 2011

    Introduced the durable, on-the-job family of radios, VX-450 series


  • 2013

    Introduced first digital DMR radio, eVerge™ EVX series
    Moved headquarters to Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan


  • 2016

    Celebrating our 60th Anniversary
    Innovating new radio solutions for tomorrow
    Introducing a feature rich portable radio, eVerge™ EVX-261
    Introducing smallest lightweight, portable radio, eVerge™ EVX-S24