Portable Radio Accessories

Leverage the Radio Performance with Accessories

The Vertex Standard Portable Radio family has a complete line of accessories specifically built to meet our exacting standards, giving you a robust experience you can count on. We have Vertex Standard approved portable accessories.

Audio Accessories

Complement your portable radio with audio accessories.

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Remote Speaker Mics

Communicate without removing the radio from the belt.

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Carry Cases

Protect you portable radio during daily use with a leather carry case.

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Belt Clips

- Securely attach your portable radio to your belt.

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Conveniently charge your portable radio with Vertex Standard certified chargers.

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Power up your portable radio with Vertex Standard certified batteries.

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Multiple antennas from whip to stubby.

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Keep your conversations private with signaling options

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Programming, Installation

Program your radio to meet the needs of your organization

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