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Why Vertex Standard


At Vertex Standard, we challenge ourselves to find a better way to build two-way radios that do more for less to effectively meet the needs of our customers around the world. We understand your challenge which is why we offer reliable land mobile radios that are fully equipped with user-friendly and safety features.

We are proud to have never lost sight of this commitment and are relentless to do what it takes to continuously earn your business and achieve total customer satisfaction.

  • Engineering Expertise in Compact, Feature-Rich Radios for Maximum Value
  • Quality and Continuous Improvement Standards
  • Reliable Products Built to IP and MIL-STD Specifications
  • Value-Driven Performance: Quality Radios and Cost Savings

From compact, portable radios including submersible, waterproof models to specialised High Frequency Single Side Band (HF SSB) long haul communications, our radios are designed to provide reliable quality and maximum value.

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VX-231 | VX-350 series | VX-450 series | VX1700 | VX-2100/2200 |
VX-80 series | EVX-530 series | EVX-5300/5400 series | EVX-R70