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Heart for Disadvantage Children

As the saying goes, charity starts at home. At Vertex Standard, our teams and partners are like an extended family, working together for our shared goals. So, when the opportunity came to remember the unfortunate, the Vertex Standard family did their part.

Fun and Charity
At the 2012 APAC Partner Meeting held in May, the teams and partners assembled 12 bicycles from scratch as part of a team building programme. The Saigon Children Charity (SCC) representatives were invited to the event to receive these bicycles as gifts for the disadvantaged children under their care.

Team members posing with their assembled bicycles

Helping Disadvantaged Children 
These donated bicycles went to the needy students from Thang Long School in District 4 and students from the Development project and Vocational training programme of SCC. Vertex Standard also donated raincoats for their school-going children. SCC gave feedback that our small gift meant a lot for the students, especially in the rainy season. Visit the SCC website for more information on the donation.

Saigon Children’s Charity website