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What if keeping your team safe is as simple as a two-way radio?

No matter the industry, activity or workplace, safety should never be compromised. It’s your responsibility to manage worker safety proactively in order to prevent harm and injury. If an incident occurs, you need to be alerted quickly so you can take action.

The VX-456 portable radio helps keep your workers safe

Providing high durability and flexible communication options across any industry. Vertex Standard’s VX-456 is designed for heavy duty, commercial and recreational use and is packed with safety features. This radio can alert you automatically if someone falls over and can help to monitor lone workers. It’s designed to suit many environmental conditions and offer long battery life to keep people connected. The VX-456 is a dual mode CB and UHF commercial portable radio which has been exclusively designed for Australia and New Zealand.

VX-454_HO 008

Loud audio

Equipped with 700mW audio output, an essential feature for noisy environments, the VX-456’s audio is loud and clear.


Dual frequency

Use the VX-456 on both CB and commercial channels – You have flexibility to use the radio on both commercial and entry-level sites.


Built to perform

Built to withstand heavy use with its aluminum die cast chassis and durable plastic casing, the VX-456 meets military grade standards (MIL-STD-810G) for ruggedness and can survive falls of 1.2 metres.


Great coverage

Including 80 CB channels, 16 programmae receive-only channels and 512 private channel capacity with up to 32 talk groups. The VX-456 can be used in all workplaces.


Lone Worker

Helps to monitor workers when they’re alone – They will be notified to check in at timed intervals to let you know that they’re safe.


Man Down

This option will alert your central control point if the radio tilts to a pre-programmed degree point that shows a worker may have fallen over.


Dedicated emergency button

Conveniently located on the base of the antenna and easy to activate, the large, orange emergency button ensures your workers can alert you as soon as an incident occurs.


Waterproof and dust resistant

With an IP67 rating, the VX-456 is water resistant to a depth of up to one metre for thirty minutes and is protected from total dust ingress.


Long battery life

The VX-456’s battery life can last up to 16 hours, so it won’t go flat in the middle of a shift.

What if these safety features are needed for workers in vehicles?

Vertex Standard’s VX-4600 CB mobile radio has all of the same key features as the VX-456 to help keep workers safe.

Including the built-in emergency alert function, Lone Worker and Man Down alert functions, the VX-4600 is the VX-456’s mobile safety companion. Optional remote kit allows for more versatile use.