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What if an incapacitated worker can still call for help?

Man Down provides remote monitoring of workers. If somebody slips or falls, Man Down will automatically activate and transmit an alert to call for help.

Man Down calls for help when your workers can’t

  • Activate Man Down on the radio
  • When active, Man Down monitors the radio’s degree of tilt (between 20 – 90 degrees) which indicates that a worker may have fallen
  • Man Down pre-warns the worker that an alert is impending unless the radio’s tilt is adjusted
  • An incapacitated worker who is unable to respond is therefore protected by Man Down which automatically transmits an alert for help

How do Man Down alerts operate?

Man Down alerts can be customised to suit your safety and workplace needs.

1. Siren alerts

  • Blast directly from the injured worker’s radio so that nearby workers hear and locate the worker
  • Lasts between 5 – 255 seconds
  • Siren alerts get progressively louder
  • Flashing display can be programmed – Ideal for teams working in dark environments

2. Radio transmission alert

  • Sends an emergency alert to one or more radios in the team
  • Alerts get progressively louder
  • Advises receiving users of who has been injured via radio ID number
  • Injured worker’s microphone remains open so that others can hear what is happening.

Man Down protects every worker

man-down-1A construction worker falls from a scaffolding and is knocked unconscious. Man Down transmits a siren alert which his co-workers hear. They rush to aid the injured worker and seek further help.
man-down-2A school cleaner is mopping the corridor when she slips. Man Down activates and an emergency alert transmits to the head of maintenance as the alarm isn’t disengaged. He locates his worker quickly to make sure she is safe.
Safety as simple as a two-way radio.