Lone Worker Safety Application

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What if you can ensure your lone workers are never really alone?

Lone Worker assists in heightening worker awareness and helps ensure that all workers are accounted for, even when alone. If a worker fails to check in when prompted, Lone Worker automatically transmits an emergency alert for help.

Lone Worker helps monitor the safety of your isolated team members

  • Activate Lone Worker on the radio
  • When active, Lone Worker prompts your worker to check in at interval points
  • Lone Worker reminder tones are configurable to operate between 5 – 80 minute intervals
  • If a worker fails check in, the radio will automatically transmit an emergency alert to notify others that help is needed

Lone Worker provides protection in every workplace

lone-worker-1A hotel security guard patrols an empty car park on a night shift. Every 20 minutes, he checks in when prompted by Lone Worker. His supervisor on Level 10 receives each notification, letting him know that his worker is safe.
lone-workier-2A sub-contractor is completing electrical work on a building project alone. He’s provided a radio with Lone Worker activated, which prompts him to check in every 10 minutes. The electrician falls from his ladder and doesn’t check in at the second interval. The site manager receives an alert and immediately calls for help.
Safety as simple as a two-way radio.