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Keeping farmhands safely connected

Two-way radio communication is hugely beneficial around the farm and when it comes to keeping your workers safe there can be no compromise. Vertex Standard two-way radio solutions can be tailored to your operation and the reliable performance can help keep your workers connected and safe in these four effective ways:


1. Maintain worker safety

  • Keep OH&S/HSWA compliant using Vertex Standard safety features
  • Assist workers to call for help even if they are incapacitated with “Man Down”
  • Monitor works in isolated areas with “Lone Worker”
  • Alert all farmhands when incidents occur using the dedicated emergency button

2. Improve farm efficiency

  • Change who you talk to easily with dual mode CB/PRS and private channel two-way radios
  • Simplify coordination between farmhands and across multiple sites
  • Install mobile radios easily in quad bikes, tractors and vehicles with remote head options
  • Use a large push-to-talk button for one touch communication

3. Endure outdoor conditions

  • Hear loud and clear with audio output up to 700mW
  • Trust your two-way radio in all weather conditions, with dust and waterproof ratings up to IP67
  • Understand that your radio can withstand extreme heat (+60°Celsius) and extreme cold (-30°Celsius)
  • Know that your two-way radio is durable, with aluminium die cast chassis and polycarbonate casing

4. Maximise communication coverage

  • Mitigate the impact of mobile phone black spots using a two-way radio network
  • Increase conversation range using 5W portables and 25W mobiles on commercial channels
  • Run your two-way radio communications network with or without a repeater system
  • Avoid unwanted listeners with a private communications network

There’s no comparison

When you consider the alternatives, it’s easy to see that two-way radio is the ideal solution.

vertex-standard-logo PA system Mobile phone Two-way radio
Instant Communication tick cross tick
Broadcast communication tick cross tick
One-to-one communication cross tick tick
SMS text messaging cross tick tick
Network reliability tick cross tick
Dedicated emergency button cross cross tick
Man Down feature cross cross tick
Lone Worker Application cross cross tick