Emergency Button Safety Feature

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What if your entire workforce can be alerted of an emergency at the press of a button?

No matter the industry, activity or workplace, safety should never be compromised. It’s your responsibility to manage worker safety proactively in order to prevent harm and injury. If an incident occurs, you need to be alerted quickly so you can take action.

The dedicated emergency button notifies your entire workforce as soon as an incident occurs

  • The large, orange emergency button is easy to find and can be activated at the base of the antenna
  • Emergency notifications are user-initiated
  • When pressed, the radio switches to a designated channel and sends an alert for help
  • All radios on the channel are notified of the emergency
  • Alerts can last from 5 – 60 minutes
  • Microphone remains open so that others can hear what is happening

Be prepared for an emergency in every workplace

emergency-button-1A teacher on yard duty notices a suspicious, hooded man jumping the school fence during the lunch hour. Worried, she sends an emergency alert to the office and other teachers on duty. All students are quickly returned to their classrooms where a headcount is taken.
emergency-button-2A construction site manager is overseeing a project when a tossed cigarette butt ignites a fire. His one-touch emergency duress button alerts the entire site to evacuate to safety while a dedicated team responds to this emergency.
Safety as simple as a two-way radio.